Credential-Free Login

Misused, abused and stolen passwords are the leading cause for expensive data breaches and their increasing complexity requiring multiple resets have become a major headache for the consumers. Winkk’s solution enables users to access services without typing in or exposing any credentials (logins, passwords and biometrics) during logins, ATM access, employee identification and authentication for public services (transport, airports, govt. services etc.).

Electronic Contracts

Current solutions for document signing are not robust enough for sensitive transactions. They typically use one time passwords and other non-user friendly security procedures. Without the actual signing process needing changes, a system integrated with Winkk simplifies the experience and creates an audit entry for user action enabling secure commercial/ real-estate contracts, anti-money laundering money transfers and notary services.

Electronic Payments

Despite the deployment of expensive hardware upgrades such as chip cards and NFC devices, both off line and online payment fraud is increasing with credentials stolen at the receiving end or during the transmission process. Winkk eliminates the risk by integrating with any payment gateway and POS terminal. The CypherEye is displayed on a screen and the payment instructions are securely delivered to the user phone for processing with no data input required.

IoT Management

With billions of new IoT devices expected to come online in the next few years, access, authentication and management will become a major challenge. This is complicated by the fact that most IoT devices have limited processing power with small or no screens. Using CypherEye displayed on any device, Winkk instantly enables a secure Bluetooth pairing to control any target device.